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What students write about us
Sanssouci 3 December 2022


Excellent! Very good advice and quick correction messages. Thank you very much :-)

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Ömer Faruk Okumuş 2 December 2022

it was great work

it was great work. I will work together again.

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Hannah Baverstock 2 December 2022

Great customer service!

I had a slight issue accessing my PDF after the check was complete. So close to the deadline I was really panicking! I messaged the helpline chat and immediately got a response from Wilde. They sent me the PDF of the report within 5 minutes. Fantastic customer service. This tool is really a must-have for students. Just the peace of mind it gives you is worth its weight in gold. Thank you!

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jake gisch 1 December 2022

I cannot tell you how much this website…

I cannot tell you how much this website helped me with citations. It's simple to use and always gets the job done. Thanks!!!

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LaTasha Woodard 1 December 2022

Statement of Purpose

This was my second time reviewing my statement of purpose (SOP); I chose the dig deep and challenge me review, and it really helped me to dig deeper and make my SOP sound more cohesive.

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Tar Wiphawan 29 November 2022

Best for proof editing

Best for proof editing. I appreciate Scribbr team so much.

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Ben 29 November 2022

The editor did an excellent job!

The editor Ben did an excellent job on my thesis proofreading and editing. Highly recommended!

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Cesar Rubio 28 November 2022

Nicely Done!

Doreen proofread my paper, and she did a great job! She submitted it earlier than expected, and that was a nice surprise! Her recommendations and explanations for her editing were clear and understood. I had a great experience!

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Mays Alrashodi 27 November 2022

just send you documents and don’t worry!

It is an excellent experience with scribber; I am pleased about it.

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Linxiu Yang 26 November 2022

very good service

I think you helped me a lot

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Esra 25 November 2022

Very satisfactory is the fast response

Very satisfactory is the fast response. The correction and spelling notes are very informative and helpful. I was very satisfied.

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Jaspar McNeill-Jones 25 November 2022

Reply from Scribbr

Reply from Scribbr 17 hours ago Hi Jaspar, Thank you for your 5 star review! We would love to hear some more about your order and experience with us, which is why we reached out to you. :) We are looking forward to hearing from you! Kind regards, Stijn & the Scribbr team

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Wolfgang Jast 24 November 2022

Very professional and fast feedback.

Very professional and fast feedback.

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C.A. 24 November 2022

Excellent service

I can't be happier with the service I received from the Scribbr customer service team and the editor assigned to my manuscript. The revision was thorough, professional and right on time, and the customer service guys kept me updated throughout the process. I hope my publisher is as satisfied with the language quality of my MS as I am!

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grumbiux yt 23 November 2022

Jaspar loved it because shrek loved it

Jaspar loved it because shrek loved it, so it must be good:)

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Jaspar McNeill-Jones 23 November 2022

gorgeus papa shrek would be very happy

gorgeus,papa shrek would be very happy

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Sandy gao 23 November 2022

professional and relibalbe

very helpful. I have happy with every editor except one guy there did not do his job so far. The feedback and correction I received is very professional.

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Gordon Broussard 22 November 2022

My experience with Scribbr was…

My experience with Scribbr was outstanding. All of the editors provided helpful information and were very professional. Finally, the finished product was promised on 11/21, and I received a day early. I would recommend Scribbr for any editing projects.

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Marcin 21 November 2022

I am very pleased with the service

I am very pleased with the service. I sincerely recommend it.

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A.R. 21 November 2022

Correction of Master's thesis

I had the pleasure to use the editing and proofreading services twice, as I've handed in two chapters with a delay since I hadn't finished writing them. Both correctors did a tremendous job. The quality was consistent, with the second corrector considering the style that was used for the first batch. I strongly recommend the proofreading service of Scribbr, as it really does improve the reading experience of your paper noticeably. I have also used their check for plagiarism and found it helpful, as it highlights the found overlaps with other papers visibly and makes it easy for you to decide whether it is worth rewriting a sentence or not. All in all a great experience and a strong recommendation from my side!

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The Scribbr Citation Generator is developed using the open-source Citation Style Language (CSL) project and Frank Bennett’s citeproc-js. It’s the same technology used by dozens of other popular citation tools, including Mendeley and Zotero.

You can find all the citation styles and locales used in the Scribbr Citation Generator in our publicly accessible repository on Github.