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Tiger 6 August 2022

I had my reflections edited same high quality despite it being a rush job

I had my reflections edited by Scribbr and I requested Neshika again as I felt comfortable with her proofreading. As expected, she did not disappoint me with the same high quality despite it being a rush job in 24 hours. Thanks Scribbr again.

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Chelsea James 5 August 2022

Capitalization Issue - Otherwise Great

Mostly great, but there is a discrepancy between APA guidelines and the capitalization choices. In APA 7 you are only supposed to capitalize the first letter of the first word and the first letter of proper nouns, but Scribbr capitalizes the first letter of almost every word. I actually got points counted off on my assignment for this, so I hope they can fix this. Otherwise, it is great and easy to use when citing articles or web pages.

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Sara 4 August 2022

I was so happy

I was so happy that you could correct my thesis so fast. The correction was amazing and also a few personal comments where in it - I really appreciated.

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atieh kheirabi 4 August 2022

So Happy

We are so happy that Scribbr team checked our Thesis before delivering because of their best job including explanations, comments in details. Thank you so much Scribbr

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Joel 1 August 2022


Very competent editors. I highly recommend Scribbr's proofreading services.

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Wenting Meng 31 July 2022

The editors gave very helpful…

The editors gave very helpful suggestions on the structure and logic. More importantly, they polished the article and made it clear and concise, which is highly appreciated!

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candie express 30 July 2022



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Daniela Heldstab 30 July 2022

Keep up the good work!

Johanna's proofreading work was great. She gave me valuable recommendations on how to improve my bachelor's thesis. Her feedback was always critical but very constructive - exactly what I expected from a professional proofreading service. Keep up the good work!

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HH 28 July 2022

I sent in the essay version that I…

I sent in the essay version that I thought it was fine and it turned out to be needing some major editing. Hat off to Scribbr for their valuable feedback and recommendations. I feel more confident when submitting the final version for college application.

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Kristine Fulayi 27 July 2022

I just want to let you know that this…

I just want to let you know that this article really helped me understand what Theoretical framework is. I can't express how grateful I am, but I guess a Thank you will do. Thank you so much for the clear explanations you give on the platform. As well as the examples. 👏👏

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QKey 26 July 2022

Worth spending money for Scribbr's…

Worth spending money for Scribbr's service. You will also learn to improve your writing.

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Benjamin Nobel 26 July 2022

Everything I hoped for

Everything I hoped for, quality proofreading and quick too

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Veeron Nikaa 24 July 2022

I am very glad to have found Scribbr

I am very glad to have found Scribbr. It helped me a lot. I always struggle citing my reference and viola! Scribbr saved me.

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Anthony Machado 23 July 2022

W website

Saves me so much time on citations for school work. THANK YOU

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customer 22 July 2022

EasyBib has nothing on Scribbr!!

Used to use EasyBib, having been using Scribbr for weeks now and falling more and more in love with it every day. Such an incredible, organized, and easy-to-navigate site.

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Tiger 21 July 2022

5 Stars for the Integrity....

I don't think I need to comment on the standard of proofreading and editing. They're top class. But I like to share my experience this time around with the Scribbr Admin/Support. I uploaded the wrong assignment and emailed them the correct one. There was a difference in the word count, and I never expected a refund but Scribbr was adamant about it. A couple of days later, Scribbr wrote to me to send me another refund as they do not edit legal sources. I have read about customers' bad experiences in refunds for poor jobs, and I am pleasantly surprised with the integrity Scribbr demonstrated. I encourage all students that you don't need to think twice to engage Scribbr.

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Romildo Araujo 20 July 2022

I just have to say thank you

I was very pleased with the work of reviewing my paper. In addition to the precious corrections of the English version, there were many indications to make the text clearer and more cohesive. I just have to say thank you. The work was delivered to me before the deadline and the cost was very fair in my opinion.

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Sagario, Jeremy I. 20 July 2022

This is have a very big impact on my…

This is have a very big impact on my career as an IT citation the link is a big help for me.

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Weps Isaiah 19 July 2022

this site has been too helpful to me in…

this site has been too helpful to me in understanding various concepts of biostatistics! being my first experience, i give it a 4star!

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Nik 19 July 2022

Good Job!

Fast, helpful and coordinated team. Will recommend

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